Tristan D. Fernandes

Gwinnett County Young Democrats, President

"I am pleased to endorse Derrick Wilson for County Commissioner of District 3. Derrick has the passion and the ingenuity to bring about good change to the people of Gwinnett. His commitment to building a safer community with compassion and equity will make all of us better off!"

Run ​For Something 

A progressive American political organization

"RFS endorses candidates on two major criteria: heart and hustle. That’s what defines viability to us,” said Ross Morales Rocketto, RFS co founder. “Derrick is working hard to run a grassroots, community-led campaign. We are at a critical time in history and the momentum Derrick generate will have a lasting impact to this community for years to come.”

Solange Destang

City of Snellville, Councilwoman

"I am endorsing Derrick J. Wilson as the next Gwinnett County Commissioner, District 3! He has a vision from affordable housing, and he also looks forward to implementing an early childhood education program in our district. Mr. Wilson will definitely get my vote!"

Thomas Livsey

"Unofficial Mayor" of the Promised Land

"We will no longer be ignored! Wilson has my support because I believe he will make sure the people here in South Gwinnett will finally get the representation from the county, that we deserve."

Austin E. Thomson, Jr.

Community Activist/Former City Council Candidate 

"As a young businessman, entrepreneur, and family man who possesses a passion for small business development, proposing solutions to the challenges of homelessness, combating childhood illiteracy, improving programs for law enforcement officers, and other pertinent issues, candidate Wilson exemplifies the ideals of the Democratic Party. Ideals encompassing a passion for serving, being a person of integrity, and advocating equality for all who reside in Gwinnett County."

Marqus Cole

Former Candidate for U.S. Congress

"Lots of people want to run for something, very few have the strength and determination to actually do it. Derrick knows our neighborhoods because he has knocked the doors, including mine. He doesn't take any voter for granted, he is asking for our support and our vote.

He has my support.
He has my vote.

Consider giving him the same." 

Georgia Equality PAC

Advancing Fairness, Safety & Opportunity for LGBT Georgians

“Each of these candidates believes in fairness and safety for LGBTQ Georgians, and if elected will carry those beliefs with them into their office,” said Jeff Graham, executive director of Georgia Equality.

Voices of Gwinnett

Political Advocacy Group

Voices of Gwinnett holds on to three main criteria when endorsing and supporting a candidate for public office.

1. Support and share the common values of our religious institutions/cultural community centers.

2. Support inclusivity of our Muslim/Diverse community population, in policy, civil service, and beyond.

3. Support the growth and prosperity of Muslim/minority businesses and establishments. 

Voices of


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